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COUNTRY LIVE2021 | August 27 & 28, 2021 Logo

The hottest live country music of the summer, the best bourbon in the world, the most unique craft brews in the region, and the best BBQ Joints in Chicago cooking up some of the best BBQ in the world. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Friday Night Lineup

AUG. 27TH - 6:30PM to 11:00PM


Saturday Lineup

AUG. 28TH - 12:00PM to 11:30PM


Nothing goes better with Country Music than Bourbon, Cold Beer & BBQ, that’s a given, but we wanna make a serious lasting impression on ya so we’re taking things next level. Be sure to check out our MASSIVE 7200 square foot Bourbon & Craft Beer bar custom-designed for COUNTRY LIVE2021. You’re gonna like it!  We’ve got a world-class collection of bourbon whiskeys you’d be hard-pressed to find all together in one place, ANYWHERE! So hang out with your friends, throw down to some of the hottest live country music of the summer – including our headliner, Justin Moore (That’s why we drink), and enjoy some of the best Bourbon, Craft Beer & Pitmaster BBQ in the world!

30+ bourbon styles from more than a dozen distilleries. All the classic favorites, awesome small-batch independents, the hottest rising stars in the boutique bourbon world, and custom bourbon mixed drink creations from our professional mixologist that will rock your country music lovin’ ass! We’ve got it all!

Also for your enjoyment, we’ve put together a few other bourbon inspired treats we think you’ll appreciate!


Traditional music fest GA beer tents are great, and we’ve got em’ iced up and ready for ya! But at COUNTRY LIVE2021 we wanted to kick things up a notch and do something a bit more memorable for y’all! It’s all about the experience, right!  So in addition to our traditional beer tents, we’re buildin’ out a custom craft beer bar dedicated EXCLUSIVELY TO CRAFT BEER AND CRAFT BEER LOVERS. We’ve got more than 40+ craft beer styles from 20 or more of the best independent craft brewers in Chicago, the region and beyond! Ice-cold and on-tap ready for you to enjoy. So gather up your posse and head into our massive 7200 square foot Bourbon & Brew Bar to experience craft beer on a whole new level, cool down, and quench your thirst in between sets of scorching hot country music on the COUNTRY LIVE2021 main stage.






Everybody knows that bourbon and ice cold beer go hand-in hand with smoky BBQ like??? Well, it’s just awesome so you fill in the blanks! Well, if we didn’t do somethin’ about that little fact and reality, we’d be just plain slackin’ in our hospitable duties. So, COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Country Music, Bourbon & Brewfest will feature a one-of-a-kind BBQ PIT with some of the very best BBQ Pitmaster owned BBQ joints in Chicago and beyond! This is going to be seriously lip-smacking and mouthwateringly awesome. If you love BBQ, this is gonna be worth the ticket price all by itself!

Have a little bourbon, have a little world-class BBQ, have a few cold brews, hang out with your posse, and throwdown to an absolutely KICKASS country music lineup. COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Country Music, Bourbon & Brewfest – the #1 go-to country festival of the summer in the Chicago area and beyond!




EXPERIENCE! That’s the key difference between an OK fest and a GREAT fest.  COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Country Music, Bourbon & Brewfest wants to be more than just another country music festival so we’re working our tails off to bring you the most awesome “Country Experience” you can imagine in one place and at one time. We appreciate your patronage, you deserve to get full value for your money, and we’re gonna give it to ya! So we’re pulling out all the damn stops to bring you, what we think, is one seriously a kick-ass 2-day country music lineup, one of the biggest world-class Bourbon & Craft Beer Bars you’ve ever seen – complete with Bourbon ice cream, Bourbon confections, Bourbon cold brew coffee, 30+ unique Bourbons, 40+ local and regional Craft Beers and a whole lot more!

But that’s not all! We’ve got lip smacking BBQ from some of Chicago’s best pitmaster owned BBQ joints, multiple bars featuring ice cold (non-craft) beer, ciders, seltzers, frozen drink favorites, hard lemonades, teas and more. For your added fun and entertainment, we’re working hard to bring you some incredible experiences created especially for you by our amazing sponsors. We got mechanical bull-riding, a giant ferris wheel, a food truck village serving up a wide variety of your favorite foods, custom festival merch, merch from your favorite country artists performing at COUNTRY LIVE2021, and a hand-picked collection of “country” inspired vendors for you to check out while strolling around the festival in-between performances… and maybe score some free swag!

COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Country Music, Bourbon & Brewfest! Come for the music, come for the party, but most importantly, come for the EXPERIENCE!

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