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COUNTRY LIVE2021 | August 27 & 28, 2021 Logo

Friday Night August 27th

6:30PM to 11:00PM

Saturday August 28th

12:00PM to 11:30PM

Bourbon Row

COUNTRY LIVE2021’s BOURBON ROW! An awe inspiring collection of 20+ bourbon bars each exclusively representing a specific bourbon brand and the bourbon styles they are famous for. A truly world-class collection of bourbon whiskeys you’d be hard-pressed to find all together in one place, ANYWHERE! So hang out with your friends new and old, and throw down to some of the hottest live country music of the summer – including our headliners, Jake Owen and Justin Moore with many special guests coming soon, and enjoy some of the best Bourbon, Craft Beer & Country Music in the world!

Get ready to rock your country music lovin’ ass!

Also for your enjoyment, we’ve put together a few other bourbon inspired treats we think you’ll appreciate!


What would a country music festival be without some great beer bars? But no worries! We’ll have em’ iced up and ready for ya! And, in addition to some great beers… you’ll also find ice-cold hard cider, hard seltzer, wine, hard lemonade and more!

But at COUNTRY LIVE2021 we decided to kick things up a notch and do something a bit more extreme. It’s all about the experience, right!  So in addition to our awesome traditional beer bars, we’re buildin’ out a custom craft beer bar dedicated EXCLUSIVELY TO CRAFT BEER AND CRAFT BEER LOVERS. We’ve got more than 30+ craft beer styles from some of the best independent craft brewers in Chicago, the region and beyond! Ice-cold and on-tap ready for you to enjoy. So gather up your posse and head into our Craft Brew Bar to experience craft beer on a whole new level, cool down, and quench your thirst in between sets of scorching hot country music on the COUNTRY LIVE2021 main stage.



Music festivals have become legit foodie experiences and COUNTRY LIVE2021 ain’t gonna be any different! We’re taking your gastro-intestinal wants and desires VERY seriously by making awesome and diverse food offerings available EVERYWHERE. So,

Have a little bourbon, have a few cold brews, hang out with your posse and throwdown to an absolutely KICKASS country music lineup, be our guest and enjoy some amazing food too. COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Country Music, Bourbon & Brewfest – the #1 go-to country festival of the summer in the Chicago area and beyond!


EXPERIENCE! Isn’t that really the key difference between an “OK” music festival, and a truly “GREAT” one?  COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Music, Bourbon & Brewfest wants to be more than just another country music festival… we intend to be a “GREAT” one. So we’re working our asses off to bring you the most awesome “Country Experience” you can imagine in one place and at one time. We’re going to appreciate our fans and recognize that you deserve to get the biggest possible value for your money, and we’re gonna give it to ya! We’re pulling out all the damn stops to bring you, what we think, is one seriously kick-ass 2-day country music lineup, one of the biggest and best world-class Bourbon & Craft Beer presentations you’ve ever seen – complete with Bourbon ice cream, Bourbon confections, Bourbon cold brew coffee, 30+ unique Bourbons, 30+ local and regional Craft Beers and a whole lot more!

But that’s not all! We’ve got food that would delight even the most serious foodie, multiple bars featuring ice cold (non-craft) beer, ciders, seltzers, frozen drink favorites, hard lemonades, teas and much more!

COUNTRY LIVE2021 – Country Music, Bourbon & Brewfest! Come for the music, come for the party, but most importantly, come for the EXPERIENCE!

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