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COUNTRY LIVE2021 | August 27 & 28, 2021 Logo

“DECLAN HORGANS DEJA VOODOO BBQ PIT & TIKI BAR EXPERIENCE – Some of the best BBQ to be found anywhere – curated by season 19 Hells Kitchen runner-up chef Declan Horgan and an amazing tiki bar experience with great drinks, the best flair bartenders in Las Vegas and electrifying ambiance”

“CRAFT BEER CABANA BAR – An eclectic mix of the best local and regional Craft Beers for those of you that an ice cold domestic favorite just won’t do”.

“Deja VooDoo | Las Vegas will host a “COSTUME BALL COMPETITION”. While costumes are by no means required…. they are definitely encouraged. In fact, so much so, we are going to award a $5,000 1st place, $2,000 2nd place, and $1,000 3rd place for best costumes. And numerous other $100 to $500 prizes for “best of” in various categories. So let your most debaucherous inner-self shine and win some serious cash”!

“And of course, the incredible vibe of Las Vegas. Music, booze, craft beer, BBQ and the kind of debauchery that can only be found in Las Vegas! Join us for the party as we turn the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center into the HOTTEST open-air live concert “nightclub” in Las Vegas”.

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